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Thursday, 31 October 2013 09:03

Peru Tourism up in 2012

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Peru Tourism up in 2012

Recently I received an email from Peru’s Tourism division.  The newsletter talked about tourists from around the world and why Peru is becoming a popular destination in 2012. Over the past years, Peru has started to recognize the importance of making improvements to its tourism infrastructure and the investments are starting to pay off.

As stated from the bureau of tourism, “Peru’s tourism levels are projected to rise between 11 and 14 % over the course of 2012. This investment plus the country’s uniqueness as a vacation destination is the source of this increasing popularity. Peru is a fascinating country and home to the ancient lost city of Machu Picchu, the breathtaking with Amazon Rainforest and the incredible Andes, it’s also a holiday destination where the majesty of the old Incan worlds and the buzz of modern life intertwine. Peru has invested heavily in its tourist infrastructure in recent years, bringing its amenities in line with popular Mediterranean holiday spots and increasing its appeal with even the most timid holiday makers”.

Over the years as more inexpensive vacation deals have become available to adventurous travelers,
Peru’s tourism levels have grown steadily. According to figures posted by the World Tourism Organization,
Peru reportedly saw a 9% increase in tourism levels in 2011 and visitor numbers this year
expected to be even higher.

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