Inca Trail Peru


Inca Trail: The Inca Trail, one of the famous trekking trails in North America. The trail is one of many hiking trails that snake across the Peruvian Andes, but it leads to the spectacular ruins of Machu Picchu. This trek draws trekkers from around the world and reservation / permits are required.

Colca Canyon


Colca Canyon: Spectacular views and one of the few canyons in the world with a 1km drop from the edge of the cliff to the bottom of the river. On a clear day, Colca boasts some of Peru's finest Andean scenery and is the most reliable place for wild condor spotting.

Huacachina Peru


Huacachina: The legendary lagoon at Huacachina is a quiet, secluded spot with salty waters and mud that have been used for healing over many centuries.

Taquile Island Peru


Taquile Island: Around 13,700ft above sea level, Taquile is an ancient jewel in the waters of Lake Titicaca - the local Indians speak in whispers and, apart from a few solar electric panels, there's only llama power.


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